Monthly Archives: July 2014

The Best Sites For Buying Make Up Online

July 25, 20140

The best prices are online, right? And if shopping online means we get more choice, save some money, which means…

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Five Things You Should Be Doing to Look After Your Hair

July 18, 20140

When my hair feels dull, lifeless, and is frizzing off in every direction, which it does regularly, I feel dull, lifeless,…

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What You Should Have in Your Toiletry Bag For A Weekend Away

July 11, 20140

When you’re heading away for the weekend, do you go into packing meltdown? I do, I find the whole thing…

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Partying In Ibiza

July 4, 20140

Summer can mean only one thing – clubbing season in Ibiza is upon us! Sunkissed skin, flip flops, golden hair,…

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