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Christmas gifts for our friends Down Under

Ho, ho, ho! Merry Christmas!

Wherever you are in the world, and however you choose to spend the big day, you’ll no doubt spend much of the weeks leading up to the festive period trying to decide what to buy people. If you’re sending gifts long-distance, you don’t have much time left to do the sending either.

When it comes to sending gifts to our friends Down Under, we have to think about this sooner rather than later, as Airmail has a habit of taking a while to arrive, just like Santa and his reindeers!

So, seeing as we need to tackle this time-testing task early on, what can we buy our friends in Australia this festive season?

Well, here’s a few ideas.


Whilst it might be freezing cold and snowing where you are, Down Under it’s the height of summer, and certainly flip-flop wearing weather. It’s a hard adjustment to get your head around, but sandals are probably going to be much more use to your friend than a pair of winter boots! Reef do some fantastic and fashionable sandals, which your friend would more than thank you for. You can’t go wrong with a pair of leather sandals, be it for a guy or a girl, sure to last a good amount of time.


A swanky pair of sunnies will be welcomed against that harsh sunlight that we crave so much! Go designer to seriously tot up your brownie points, or High Street if the funds are a little low. Remember to check the UV factor, as it’s just as important to protect eyes against the sun, as it is to protect skin.


Don’t you think it’s always more fun to buy summer clothes than winter? You might have a problem finding them on the High Street during the winter months, so online is probably your best bet. Think colourful board shorts and polo shirts for guys, and summery, flirty dresses for the girls.


There is a large range of e-readers on the market, and you can find one to suit your budget quite easily. The gift of reading is a special one, and there is nothing better than sitting in the sun and getting engrossed in a good book. If this is a little out of your budget, but you know your friend is an avid reader, why not send a Kindle gift voucher?


Guys and girls the world over love a gadget or two, and a camera is up there on the wish list! Your friends can capture those summery Christmas memories and send them to you online, and again it’s easy to find a camera that will suit your budget – you don’t have to go top of the range!

Whatever you choose to buy for your friends Down Under this Christmas, remember it’s the thought that counts!

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