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Go on… It Could Happen To You!

How many times have you read a story about someone’s incredible luck and the amazing win they’ve had? It seems that unlikely gambling wins aren’t actually that unusual and, while you might be understandably cautious about putting too much of your hard-earned cash on a gamble, when it seems that anyone can win at any time, you begin to feel tempted to have a go yourself.

Some gambles require a bit of knowledge – as well as luck. With a game like poker, for example, in order to win, you have to know how to play and be able to think through the other players’ moves, as well as have a certain amount of luck in the cards you are dealt. And when placing sports bets, knowledge about the team, player or horse you are backing can assist you in deciding whether a bet is a shrewd one or not.

For those people who like a gamble that’s nice and simple, though, you can’t beat something like playing slots online. As the spins lead to totally random combinations of symbols on the reels, and as there are no ways of predicting how the reels will come to a stop, there’s every chance that a player could win on their first as much as on their 50th or 1,000th spin. So playing slots could lead to a totally unexpected, life-changing win.

And there couldn’t be an easier game to play than slots, as this handy guide on bgo’s blog explains. What’s more, if you want to have a go at winning big without putting in too much of your own cash, all the casino sites offer great welcome bonuses to new players at the moment. At bgo, a player putting £10 into their account will have it boosted to £30 as the bonus is a whopping 200%.

Pick any of the slots online, particularly those with progressive jackpots, and you never know, you could be joining a big-time winner list like the people mentioned below.

Factory worker, John Orchard, from Long Sutton, had a huge online slots win back in 2012, when he was playing the video slot The Dark Knight. Starting with a bet of just 30p, Orchard won £5.8 million, making his the biggest online slots win recorded in the UK. However, his win was almost matched the following year, when a Scottish trawlerman won £5.4 million playing the Hall of Gods slot with a 20p stake.

Another life-changing gamble was the one taken by grandmother Patricia Demauro at an Atlantic City craps table. She rolled the dice without throwing a seven a world-record-breaking number of times – 154 in fact. The amazing winning streak lasted more than four hours, and although neither Patricia nor the casino stated how much she’d won, we can be sure it was a life-changing amount of money. What makes her story even more remarkable was that it was only her second time at playing craps.

Of course, the thing to remember with these stories of great gambling luck is that we tend only to hear the good news, and it’s important to bear in mind that it’s as easy to lose as it is to win. But, as long as you only ever bet with money you can afford to lose and keep stakes at a sensible level, why not have a try at winning big every now and then?

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