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How to Ask For a Payrise

Money is one of those really cringeworthy subjects that nobody really likes talking about. Whenever I’m asked how much I earn (which incidentally is a really cheeky question!), or how much I think my wage should be, I want to cringe inwardly and outwardly, because I just don’t think it should be something that’s discussed.

Despite that, you don’t want to be working for less than you’re worth, and if you find yourself in a situation where you’re getting paid peanuts and working your backside off, then maybe its time you woke up and smelled the coffee!

The answer? Ask for a payrise.

Cringing? Yeah, I thought so!

It’s easier than you think, and it does all come down to planning, and basically blagging the fact that you’re confident, when you might not feel it at all.

So here’s a few pointers:

1) Get on the Internet and find out how much other people doing a similar job are getting paid within your area. If you find you’re much lower paid, then you have a case here.

2) Think of all the positive contributions you have made to your job, above and beyond the normal boundaries of what you should be doing. For example, have you contributed an idea to a project that went onto save the company money? Companies like to save money, remember!

3) Sell yourself on paper! Put together a case study. I don’t mean something really fancy, but generally an A4 page, nothing more otherwise they’ll get bored, where you sell yourself and tell them why you think you deserve a payrise. Put into this all the contributions you have made to your job, why you believe you deserve it, and if you did find people in nearby areas are on more money than you in the same job, then put this down too. Don’t be aggressive! Be professional and confident in your writing, and then get someone to read it over for you.

4) Make an appointment. Don’t go bursting into your boss’ office on a Monday morning unannounced, planning to hit them with all your reasons, instead you need to be professional about it. Call their secretary and make an appointment to discuss a personal matter. You don’t have to say why at this point in time.

5) It’s all about attitude. You need to be friendly, confident, professional again, but firm. It’s a hard line to walk, but if you walk in looking over-confident, they’re just going to brush your ideas off as a whim, so instead, firmly but politely tell them that you believe your skills and knowledge have developed greatly and as a result you think you deserve to have this reflected in your pay. Sounds clever, right?!

6) Hand over your typed document of reasons why – don’t handwrite it, it doesn’t look good! Explain that you will leave this with them to think about, as it outlines all the reasons why you are proposing this payrise.

7) Thank them for their time, and leave them with your document. Be friendly, don’t be threatening – saying ‘give me the money punk!’ isn’t going to get you a payrise, in fact it might just get you the sack!

As you can see, selling yourself in the correct way, with the right attitude, is basically the way to ask for that elusive payrise. It’s up to your manager whether they actually agree or not, but if you follow these steps, then you should be in with a good shot at least.

Good luck!

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